3 thoughts on “How the Big East Lost Boise State – and potentially the top ‘other’ conference war

  1. Randy T.

    I’m gonna take exception to “Eastern Carolina.” First of all, they hate that. Second, last I checked, they have scoreboard over Boise State. Respect.

    Other than that trivial item, VERY WELL DONE! Nailed it!!!

    1. admin Post author

      I’ll grant you the exception to ECU being lumped in as a bad football school. But the primary premise of that section was about adding Eastern teams instead of Western and it doesn’t get any more Eastern than East Carolina.

  2. Joe

    nicely said. I would have to agree, i was for the big east move but after the storm kept getting bigger… it was time to go back to the MWC. Even with everything the MWC gave BSU i would still be against it if they didnt allow Blue on Blue, But They DID!!!


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